Wim Hof Method winter travel to Italy

Brave the cold in rugged nature

The all-inclusive Wim Hof Method winter travel to Italy

It may not capture the imagination quite like Norway or Iceland, but a trip to Italy is no less exciting. Located one thousand metres up into the mountains, there will be plenty of cold water when we arrive in March. An enchanting locale with a brilliant view over Lake Ortho, this end of the world appears frozen in time. Together with the locals I have found a few beautiful spots, hidden waterfalls and crystal clear mountain streams to assist in our Wim Hof method trainings.


Difficulty grade: 3 (1-5)
Cost: € 1.550,-
Language: English
Luxury: 5 (1-5)
Length: 5 days

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“Our group, the location and my renewed connection with my body made for an unforgettable weekend.”

Accommodation Iceman winter travel Italy

Of all the getaways, this one is the most luxurious. This applies to the accommodation as well as the meals. We have access to a sauna and jacuzzi with a gorgeous view of the valley. You will be served a vegetarian buffet three times a day, of such quality that even the die-hard carnivores among the group won’t miss meat. It is possible to arrange for a single room.

Programme Wim Hof Method winter travel Italy

At dawn, we perform basic breathing ahead of breakfast. This way we prepare the body for cold exposure during the day. In addition to basic Wim Hof method breathing, we’ll go over a few other breathing techniques. You will face 1-2 cold challenges each day, depending on the group and weather circumstances. These challenges consist of hiking in shorts, swimming in Lake Ortho or in the mountain streams and surroundings. As the week progresses, so will the intensity of the cold Iceman challenges.

Preparation Iceman winter travel Italy

This trip bears a difficulty grade of 3. This means beginners are free to participate. You will always be able to exercise at your own pace. You will be expected to bear cold water for about 2 minutes with no issues and you should be able to hike in freezing conditions for 1 hour. The packing list tells you everything you need to bring.