Wim Hof method winter travel to Norway

Brave the cold in rugged nature

The Norway all-inclusive ICEMAN winter travel

We arrive north of the 70th parallel, at a 3 hour’s drive from Tromso. Even in April, the ground is still covered in snow, and the chance of seeing the Northern lights looms large. Because we arrive at the tail end of the season it won’t be dark at day. We will reside by the azure coast, sporting pearly white beaches. There we access the ocean, where our cold training will take place.


Difficulty grade: 5 (1-5)
Language: English
Cost: € 1.750,-
Luxury: 3 (1-5)
Length: 6 days

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“Our group, the location and my renewed connection with my body made for an unforgettable weekend.”

Accommodation Iceman winter travel to Norway

Lodging is basic, but nonetheless incredible. A gigantic, authentic wooden cabin has stood here for over a hundred years. Literally built above the ocean, it has weathered many a storm. Of course it features a sauna in which to warm up. Our private chef will prepare three beautiful meals daily using local produce. We offer many vegetarian options.

Programme Wim Hof methode winter travel to Norway

During the morning, we will perform breathing exercises to prepare the body for the cold. In addition to basic breathing, we will teach advanced breathing techniques. There are usually 2 cold challenges per day, depending on the group and the weather. These challenges consist of hiking in shorts, ocean swims, cliff diving (optional) and ice swimming. Over the course of the week, the challenges will get progressively colder. Finally, we will go for a dog sledge ride with the group.

Preparation Iceman winter travel to Norway

This trip is of the highest difficulty (5/5). This means you can still partake if you’re a beginner, but not without thorough preparation (cold showers, open water swimming). Those who have already attended one of our weekends are still advised to train in advance. You will be expected to resist cold water for about 5 minutes, and hike in freezing conditions for 2 hours. The packing list denotes everything you should bring.