The Wim Hof Method

Breathe; focus; brave the cold

A new discovery for modern science

‘What Wim Hof does is medically impossible’. This is what Maria Hopman, professor at Radboud University Medical Center, believed. To test her opinion, Hopman set up an experiment. She buried Wim up to his neck in almost 1 metric tonne of ice cubes. For an untrained individual, this could be life-threatening: a person could die once their body temperature dropped too far. But Wim’s body temperature did not drop. It remained at a steady 37 degrees Celsius, all the way. Hopman was astonished.

There was only one possible conclusion for the professor: Wim Hof knows how to influence his autonomic nervous system; the part of the central nervous system that controls, among other things, heart rate, respiration and circulation: the part of the central nervous system that we always thought we could not control!

“What Wim Hof can do is medically impossible.”

Worldwide interest in the Wim Hof Method

Maria Hopman is one of many scientists to have studied Wim in the past few years. With his phenomenal feats, Wim has captured not only the nation’s eye but the attention of scientists the world over. Not a day goes by that Wim isn’t on national TV, appearing as a guest on such highly popular programs as De Wereld Draait Dooror Pauw en Witteman. Wim Hof has also found fame in America. Celebrities such as Oprah, Barbara Streisand, Orlando Bloom and Tom Hanks have undergone workshops with Wim and left raving reviews.

Scientists studied the Wim Hof Method


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How the Wim Hof Method works

The Wim Hof Method consists of four components: Breathing, Mindset, Focus and Cold Training.


Wim Hof’s breathing exercise optimizes your breathing pattern and heart rate, de-acidifying your body. It allows you to access your autonomic nervous system, improve your immune system and train your veins, reaching a deep level of meditation. The exercise can also be used to improve your sleep or to enhance your condition during endurance sports and mountain climbing. The possibilities are endless.

Mindset & Focus

The brain can be divided into three parts: the reptilian brain (brain stem), the emotional brain and the neocortex. The Wim Hof Method helps restore the harmony between these three brains, giving you more of a say over your body and mind. Many fears and old patterns could disappear completely. You reach inner strength and trust. In my workshop I will teach you the right mindset to have going into the breathing exercises as well as the ice bath. A correct mindset is the backbone of the Wim Hof Method, and you will encounter this during your training.

Cold training

Everyone who steps into an ice bath exhibits the so-called fight or flight response. This is the most powerful stress reaction in existence. During the workshop, you will learn to overcome this reaction through trust, focus and letting go. It teaches your body to relax in stressful situations. By practicing this more often, your body will learn to cope with stress in daily life!

Benefits of the Wim Hof Method

Following the breathing exercises, cold training and the correct mindset can reap you the following benefits:

  • Mind and body rebalancing
  • Increased circulation
  • Faster and deeper sleep
  • Improved concentration
  • Confidence in your own ability and developing that ability
  • The power to consciously affect your autonomic nervous system, allowing you access to previously unconscious processes such as sleep, temperature regulation, heart rate and respiration.
  • Control of your immune system
  • Body de-acidification
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved athletic ability, both power and endurance
  • Reduced chance of altitude sickness when mountaineering
  • Faster recovery after endurance feats

See for yourself during the Workshop