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In the Ardennes and on Terschelling

Transform your body and soul

Luxury ICEMAN weekends

Iceman weekends always take place out in the country. The Ardennes and Terschelling island are popular destinations. Here we stay with a group of approximately thirty participants in a beautifully renovated farmhouse or in a small castle: a classic chateau.

Iceman weekends explore activities in greater detail than one-day workshops. For example, in Iceman weekends we do our cold training in the wild, and our breathing sessions go deeper.


What you can expect from the weekend

The weekends take place in the Ardennes or on the island of Terschelling.

A lot of the weekend will be spent practicing in the wild (hiking in shorts, ocean swimming, etc.). These natural settings will train your body’s susceptibility to cold and its temperature regulation.

We will be holding deep and long breathing sessions: six rounds. You will also learn a special breathing technique that allows you to reach deep-seated emotions in your subconscious.

Finally, we will stimulate the pineal gland. This gland releases positive hormones into your system (endorphins, dopamine, DMT), which energize the body and soul. 

Because we will spend the weekend actively participating with each other, a fun group dynamic will arise, extending the physiological effects of the exercises. The weekends are always spent in a comfortable and safe atmosphere. We are connected through the hardships, but also through visits to the sauna and exquisite meals. This builds connections that often remain long after the weekend is over.

Our group, the location and the deep inner contact with my body made this a weekend I’ll never forget”

Ardennen Weekend

Luxury ICEMAN weekends

Ardennes Location

Château Frandeux

We reside at a beautiful location in a peaceful part of the Ardennes, a luxurious castle you will share with about 30 other participants.

The Chateau is situated by a large lake, in which you will swim during the weekend activities. The Chateau harbors a sauna with views of the lake, and an additional infra-red sauna to boot. Sleeping conditions are more than comfortable, and the castle houses a spacious lounge with a large fireplace and piano.

A fleet of chefs will provide vegetarian, vegan and as many organic meals as possible. The dishes are consumed at a tasteful, large oval table.

Video Ardennen

We captured footage during one of the Ardennes weekends. Watch the video now.

Terschelling Weekend

Challenge the cold

Terschelling Location

By the North Sea

We welcome you to a picturesque location on the calm end of Terschelling, where you will be staying at the Het Anker farmhouse with a group of roughly 20 people.

 “Het Anker” is a gorgeously renovated farm in the village Oosterend, which borders the Boschplaat, a European nature reserve. A measly 200 meters away you’ll find another heritage site, the Wadden Sea. 

The farm features a sauna, hot tub and open fireplace. It also includes comfortable sleeping accommodations and a spacious living room.

Chefs are available on-site and will serve you vegetarian and vegan meals over the weekend, along with as many organic dishes as possible.

Video Terschelling

We captured footage during one of the Ardennes weekends. Watch the video now.

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