Furrow.nl – VLOG Wim Hof-method: I’m taking an ice bath


Are you always cold? Always tired? Want more energy? Do you need to boost your immune system? Or wish you could stimulate your condition, mind, body and soul? Try an ice bath! Say what? Oh yeah. An ice bath. It is the hottest thing in town right now…

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Holistik.nl – Valentijnsdag 2.0 | Out with the rose petals. Bring on the ice bath!



What‘s your perfect Valentine’s Day? Taking an ice bath may not the first thing to spring to mind. Still, on February 14 I found myself taking an Iceman Workshop – the very thing that had put Wim Hof on the map.

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Altamira.nl – Interview: Nicolette participated in an Iceman training



Nicolette got down to the nitty gritty, or better still: to the icecubes. Taking the plunge, she joined an Iceman training. A weekend of overcoming cold feet and going neck-deep into icy water, Nicolette learned to train her body and brave the cold. But it turned out more than just an experience ..

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